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As of August 2019 the choir comprised 47 choristers and 8 honorary members. For the list of members page down.

If you enjoy singing and the camaraderie that goes with it,  why not Join the Choir. All it requires is to come to practice at Cumberland Park Community Centre, 390 Goodwood Rd, Cumberland Park on a Wednesday evening from 7:30 pm. You’ll receive a warm welcome and there’s no pressure. Call us on 0401 204 634 if you need more information.

For more information click on this link.  Join the Choir

Music Director


Evan Patton
M.Ed, B.A.Mus,
L.Mus.A, LTCL.

Deputy Music Director and Principal Accompanist

Thomas Saunders
BMus (Hons.)
AMEB Examiner


1st Tenors

  • Barry, Colin (L) (Part Captain)
  • Boundy, Dean
  • Dyson, Christopher
  • Gamble, Neil
  • Hutchison, Keith
  • Pope, Trevor
  • Sheun, Norman
  • Tretheway, Roger(L)
  • Walker, David

2nd Tenors

  • Mackenzie, David (Part Captain)
  • Bourne, Peter
  • Charlesworth, Chris
  • Forrest, Neil
  • Lockwood, Greg
  • Martin, Malcolm
  • Mc Guirk, Trevor
  • Murray, Jim (L)
  • Nicholas, Lynton
  • Rowe, Lou (L)
  • Sweetman, Ron (L)
  • Thomson, Tim
  • Williams, John (L)

1st Basses

  • Coombe, Stephen (Part Captain)
  • Alderton, Terry
  • Barker, David
  • Clarke, Ian
  • Clayton, Bruce
  • Lewis, Milton (L)
  • Maczkowiack, Darrel
  • McCormick, Nathan
  • Russell, Peter
  • Scott, Bill (L)
  • Sheppeard, Hugh
  • Sullivan, Peter
  • van Wageningen, Brian
  • Wills, Matthew

2nd Basses

  • Hutton, John (L) (Part Captain)
  • Bartlett, Jim
  • Butler, Murray (L)
  • Castine, Lee
  • Chinner, Errol (OAM) (L)
  • Coulter, Graham
  • Daniel, Alex
  • Hobbs, Colin
  • Hooper, Maurie
  • Kamm, Geoff (L)
  • Kentish, Malcolm
  • Lindholm, Lloyd (L)
  • McKay-Smith, Ron
  • Staniforth, Graham
  • Triggs, Bob

(L) = Life Members (G) = Gold Membership

Honorary Members

  • Geoffrey Knights (St Ives, Cornwall)
  • Genders, June OAM (South Australia)
  • George, Ronda (L) (South Australia)
  • Lang, Margaret (L) (South Australia)
  • Medi Jones-Roberts (Ferntree Gully, Victoria),
  • Wilf Taylor (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England),
  • Huib deRooy (Utrecht, Netherlands)
  • Seiben, Geoff (L,G) South Australia
  • Peter Stevens (Gloucestershire, England)